I learned so much in Kate Jordan’s four-day workshop on “Bodywork for the Childbearing Year!” The material is immediately relevant for any massage practice, not only for pregnant clients, but for any client who requires side-lying sessions or extra care.  If you’re serious about learning advanced techniques for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum massage, this course will take your practice to the next level.  Drawing on decades of experience with prenatal and postpartum women, Kate has crafted an intensive four-day workshop that weaves anatomy, physiology, pathology, and practice for a comprehensive approach to massage for women in this extraordinary stage of their life.  Kate taught us to apply a wide range of bodywork modalities – muscle energy technique, strain-counterstrain, lomi-lomi, even Bindegewebsmassage – to enhance our Swedish strokes and design a client-centered session to address common discomforts associated with pregnancy and afterward. Great tips for client education, labor coaching, working with expectant dads, and marketing, too!  Within a month of taking this course I doubled my pregnancy massage practice and helped so many of my clients to alleviate pain and really enjoy their pregnancy.

Massage Therapist and Educator, Washington, DC


“This was the best continuing education workshop I have ever attended. My clinical skills have increased, as well as my understanding of pregnancy changes.”
Labor and Delivery nurse, Boston, MA


“The punctual, professional, and organized presentation of the course alone far surpassed my expectations, and was fully appreciated, along with the quality and clarity of the content.”
Massage therapist, Santa Monica, CA


“Content and teaching is technically superb, yet you also brought out our personal feelings about our own reproductive/parenting roles.”
Massage therapist, Chicago, IL


“I have been trained by the leaders in Women’s Health on the P.T. circuit. Kate is right up there with them.”
Physical therapist, Richmond, VA


“This was the best workshop I’ve taken in my 15 years of practice. Professional, concrete information that can be used immediately.”
Massage Therapist, San Francisco, CA


“I have taken this course twice, and I truly feel that it is the most valuable massage course that I have taken. I use at least one technique that I learned in this course in every massage that I give.”
Massage Therapist, Jacksonville, FL


“Have you ever said: “I wish there was some magic touch I could do that would get rid of this pain in no time!” Well, that’s strain counterstrain. Every bodyworker should know this modality – to enhance their massage repertoire, to augment client education, and most importantly, for effective and timely self-care.  A skilled massage therapist and Jones-certified SCS trainer, Kate Jordan deftly weaves the theory and practice of strain counterstrain for massage therapists who want to integrate these techniques to enhance their practice with athletes, pregnant clients, medically fragile populations, or anyone experiencing chronic or acute pain.

As a student in Kate Jordan’s ‘Bodywork for the Childbearing Year’ workshop, I was skeptical of Kate’s claims that strain-counterstrain could address chronic pain due to surgery or injury. I had had a c-section 20 years prior, and had just “learned to live with the pain” associated with pelvic floor adhesions and muscular dysfunction. I volunteered to be Kate’s demo client, and hopped up on the table, not expecting to feel any difference after the session.  Kate gently positioned my legs and pelvis to “fold and hold” the pelvic structures, all the while explaining to the class the techniques and theory behind the S-CS release. As per the protocol, we held the position for two minutes, and afterwards – the pain was gone! First she did one side, then showed another student how to do the other side, and the pain was gone from there as well.  Three years later, the pelvic pain has not returned, and I have a lot more flexibility and stamina.  After this experience, I have become a huge proponent of SCS.   I have used it with great success with my pregnant and postpartum clients, as well as clients experiencing severe sciatic pain, headaches, back pain and hip pain.”

Massage Therapist and Educator, Washington, DC


“Kate’s experience with and teaching of Counterstrain is invaluable. Most of the students in her group were rather incredulous when she introduced it to us. And then, one by one, we practiced, felt, and witnessed the method’s incredible effects.”
Massage Therapist and Doula, Washington, DC


“Anatomy, physiology,m history, socio-cultural aspects, along with a multitude of massage techniques are taught in a repetitive mode addressing visual, auditory, kinesthetic and proprioceptive senses which assures the student much easier understanding and replication of the new knowledge. I can personally credit Kate Jordan for molding me into a more knowledgeable and competent massage practitioner with a thirst for continuing education and working with others to create a healthier society.”
Massage Therapist, Safety Harbor, FL


“In my years working as a doula, perinatal massage therapist and massage therapy educator, I found the Bodywork for the Childbearing Year® course to be an invaluable, unparalleled tool in filling the gender gaps in traditional massage therapy education. The course empowers students with essential understanding of pregnancy physiology and equips them with guidelines and hands on techniques to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy. I cannot recommend Kate Jordan Seminars and Bodywork for the Childbearing Year® highly enough. Certification is a must for any massage professional aspiring to work with pregnant women.”
Massage Therapist, Doula, Educator, Chicago, IL


“I thoroughly enjoyed your seminars and have provided labor support for several women and prenatal/postpartum massage for dozens more. To share a quote from one of my clients, which she gave me permission to share:
‘My first labor included three hours of pushing. It’s exhausting to start motherhood off after that. EVERY muscle is sore, including facial muscles! Gwen was my support for m y second labor and whole active labor took less time than the pushing from my first labor! After massaging some trigger spots, my labor went quickly, and before I knew it my little one-push wonder was born! I didn’t have time to get sore facial muscles or even be that tired. I had more energy and strength. I totally credit Gwen and her massage for my labor being a relative breeze, and for my recovery being smooth.’

It was the techniques I learned at your seminar that helped her have a 45 MINUTE labor and literally laugh as she birthed her baby boy with ‘as mnuch effort as a little fart.’ Labor can be a funny and unexpectedly pleasant adventure.
Thank you again for what you do in providing valuable education and resources to caring massage therapists.”
Massage Therapist, Columbus, GA


“Bodywork for the Childbearing Year® is a workshop that has reinvented my practice. With the information gained during this course, I have been able to effectively work with women who can benefit from problem specific bodywork. The techniques taught have proved extremely successful, even with just one session. With customized modalities such as strain counterstrain, I have been able to help relieve common structural and muscular complaints such as low backache, hip/gluteal pain, and headaches without using more than passive positional release.

Kate Jordan goes above and beyond any other pregnancy course I have encountered. Her knowledge of the pregnancy and postpartum period is thorough and in depth. This course has assisted me in creating a discourse with obstetricians and midwives, along with developing professional relationships within the medical community.”
Massage Therapist, Coralville, IA


“Bodywork for the Childbearing Year® is the single most important continuing education class I have taken. Not only did I learn extensive techniques to truly make a difference in a pregnant woman’s body but I’ve been able to apply some of the same techniques, most particularly Counterstrain, to my regular clients and effect lasting change.”
Massage Therapist, Seattle, WA


“Thank you for the seminar. The more I work with the material, the more impressed I am by the volume and quality of content. Techniques are working well my clients. Very happy!”
Massage Therapist, Bozeman, MT


“No one compares to the course you offer. I learned so much from you that will stay with me throughout my career.”
Massage Therapist, Rensselaer, IN


“The techniques shown in the coursework have received wonderful compliments and been appreciated by all my clients. It has been one of the few courses that all the information and techniques have stayed with me and I am able to apply so readily.”
Massage Therapist, Laurel, NY


“I have more resources and ideas then I will use in a year. Practices and info were presented in such an integrated way that I am very likely to actually USE what was taught right away..”
Massage Therapist, Austin, TX


“I attended the certification course Bodywork for the Childbearing Year® with Kate Jordan and two of her very able assistants recently. I can say without qualification that this was the BEST continuing education I have ever taken. Kate was exceptionally knowledgeable and presented the information clearly, patiently and compassionately. The manual was very well written and documented making it a valuable resource as I develop my skills in massage working with mothers-to-be, their partners and post-partum moms as well. Also included in our written materials were prototypes of marketing materials, release forms, health histories relating to issues of pregnancy, and articles concerning touch and its outcomes on pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum. Kate has incorporated a wealth of information to help me get my pregnancy massage practice off to a great start.
The biggest surprise to me, though, is that so many of the techniques that were taught are useful and useable on my current clients. My first day back at my office, I utilized at least one (usually several) of the manual modalities on every one of my clients – with amazing success. The investment of my time, money and energy was completely justified with what I learned.”
Massage Therapist, Muskego, WI


“Your course was the best I have ever taken, period. It has helped me with many of my clients, not just prenatal.”
Massage Therapist, Wichita, KS


“Without question the most beneficial and inspiring class I have ever taken. The information and experience I gained in the seminar will greatly enhance my practice and ability to assist expecting mothers on their journey to the delivery of their baby.”
Massage Therapist, San Ramon, CA


“I am totally in awe of the amount of information that we covered in the four days. The seminar far exceeded my expectations. You have done an outstanding job of assembling all the information into a user-friendly format complete with an extensive reference section.”
Massage Therapist, Charlotte, NC